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World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)’s latest barometer

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Rome [ENA] According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)’s latest barometer, international tourist arrivals grew 6% in the first six months of 2018 after a record year of growth in 2017. All world regions enjoyed vigorous growth in tourist arrivals in January-June 2018. The increase was stimulated by strong demand from major source markets, supported by an improvement in the global economy.

It comes after record year-round growth of 7% in 2017. “Today’s release of international tourism data for the first half of 2018 serves as further proof of the sector’s resilience and relentless growth trajectory. We continue to work with our many partners to translate this growth into better jobs, more benefits to societies, and more opportunities for sustainable livelihoods and destinations”, declared UNWTO Secretary-General Zurab Pololikashvili. With 52.4 million tourists a year (2016), Italy is the fifth most visited country in international tourism arrivals. People essentially visit Italy for its rich culture, cuisine, history, fashion and art, its beautiful coastline and beaches, its mountains, and priceless ancient monuments.

Shopping and tourism in Rome

As of 2018, Italy has a total of 54 inscribed properties, making it the State with more World Heritage Sites than any other country in the world. Tourism is one of Italy's fastest growing and most money-spinning industrial sectors, with an estimated revenue of €189.1 billion. In 2017, trips with overnight stays made by residents were 66,347 million. The number of trips was stable compared to 2016. The average duration of trips increased slightly at 5.8 nights (6 nights for holiday trips and 3.5 for business trips), corresponding to an amount of 383 million nights (+7.7% compared to 2016). Between 2016 and 2017, long holidays (32,7 million) increased by 9.1% and short holidays (28 million) were stable.

Business trips (5,7 million) decreased by 15.6% reaching the lowest level since 2007. By region, Europe and Asia and the Pacific led growth with a 7% increase in arrivals each. Southern Mediterranean Europe and South-East Asia had the strongest results in these regions, both welcoming 9% more international tourists. Among the Asian countries that are promoting their own tourism, Sri Lanka is very dynamic and is promoting its touristic offer through Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau and its Embassy https://www.youreporter.it/serata-dedicata-alla-promozione-del-sri-lanka-come-destinazione-turistica/

Historical buildings in Italy

The Middle East and Africa also registered sound results with arrivals growing at 5% and 4%, respectively, according to still-limited information available for destinations in these regions. The Americas saw 3% growth in arrivals over the six-month period, driven by South America (+7%) and North America (+5%). The United States continued to fuel much growth in the region and beyond. On the demand side, France, the United Kingdom and the Russian Federation all reported double-digit increases in outbound spending in Europe. India and the Republic of Korea drove growth in Asia and the Pacific, while the world’s top source market China reported similar spending as in the same period last year.

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